Migoza Private Limited Group of Company is one of the best companies to bring you all kinds of digital marketing Products & solutions.This company will be a great asset to the people with new ideas and quick actions. We have prepared everything you need for people working in any field in the world to call out your talents to the whole world and thereby spread your talents to others. With almost half of the global population using the Internet online today, it makes sense for a business to tap into digital. We have prepared everything you need for your business growth, including a website, videos or social media to reach your goal no matter what the opportunities are. We are ready to introduce you to many new ideas.

In addition to the services and products provided by our company, there are many other offers available.We have put forward many ways for you to make money.So we have created various membership plans to make all of this available to you and to identify you easily. This will help you to be more competitive and achieve great things. This is because each plan has different offers, different options, and different benefits.

Once you take our membership plan and make friends with us, you can get everything you need through us. We have created many possibilities for you to change your life.


Migoza designs 4 types of membership plans. Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You can see the difference in the services we offer in 4 plans. However, you can use the Free (Bronze)) membership plan for the first time. Then you can make money through Affiliate , Rewards , Points , Banners , Advertising , etc . and you have the opportunity to win a lot of great prizes.
This membership will be more useful for you to achieve a lot of benefits starting like this and to keep any service-related records that you need. You will also receive our special preference.

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What is membership Plan?
The Membership Plan is designed to connect with us and make the service we provide easier to identify and use. There are different types of plans available for you to choose from.
What are the 4 types of membership plans??
There are 4 types of membership plans available, both free and paid. You can get a lot of offers and money by taking membership for free for a period of 3 months. You can choose our Bronze plan for that. If you choose this you will not be able to avail of some of our offers and services. And there may be a limit to everything. However, in the beginning, you can choose this plan and get everything that is offered to you in that plan. Once you have the confidence that you can achieve then you can definitely choose the next plan.

Our next 3 plans are paid plans. Silver , Gold, Platinum. All these 3 plans can be paid for online quickly.. The validity of the Silver Plan is 6 months and the Gold Plan is one year . You can see the changes in these offers and the amount available. Platinum is the final plan. We recommend this plan. Because it will be an unlimited plan where you can avail all the offers.

How to register membership plan
It is very easy for you to register your membership. You can click on Register and open to our registration section. There you can choose the membership you want to take from the 4 plans. Then you can complete your registration on the page that opens once you have selected the plan.
You need to add your username, email, first name and last name, Password. Then Accept our Terms & Conditions. after choosing the captcha then click to register button.
In the meantime, if you choose a payment plan, you must also specify the method by which you will pay. After selecting the bronze, clicking on the Register button will open your dashboard.If the payment plan is chosen then the next step is to go through the payment process.Your dashboard will open when the payment process is complete


There are 3 types of payments

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Direct Payments

  • We recommend PayPal and Stripe to quick live payment transfer . Both of these make the payment process very easy and your Purchase Membership Dashboard will be activated very quickly. If for any other reason you find it difficult to use these, you can opt for the Direct Payments option. If PayPal has selected the Stripe option, enter your payment account details, your dashboard will open when the payment is complete and the service related to your plan will start on the dashboard. If the Direct Payments option is selected instead, your membership status will not be determined, even if your dashboard is open. Membership status is determined only after confirmation that the payment has been completed. When the membership registration is complete, the service associated with your chosen plan will appear on the dashboard within an hour.

    What are the payment options given in the Direct Payments?
    Direct Payments offers a lot of high-security payment options.

  • Direct bank transfer
  • Accept UPI
  • BHIM
  • G Pay
  • Paytm
  • Credit/ Debit Card
  • Netbanking
  • Wallets
  • Paylater
  • etc

  • How can you use these payments?
    After selecting the membership plan you want and selecting Direct Payments in the Payment option, your dashboard will open.Your plan status is not activated here.And no offers will be activated for you. You can choose the subscription menu on the dashboard. There you can see all the payment options. There you can see all the membership plans under Direct Payments.After you select the plan, you will be taken to the checkout page.There you can see all the payment options mentioned above. You can choose the payment option that suits you and buy the plan very easily.A notification email will appear when the payment process is complete and your membership will be activated.

    Payments failed ?
    Your status will not be displayed if payments are failed for any reason. You can also see that the payment status is hold in the subscription menu.However, there is no need for you to be tense. Our support team is always available to assist you.


    Your dashboard will open when the membership registration is complete. There you will find information about yourself. You may make changes to the information you provide at any time. You can open this page another time using the email id and password provided during registration. There you will also find information about the membership plan you received. You can also upgrade to the next membership plan right from your dashboard. All available services are displayed on the dashboard based on the membership plan you have selected.

    Affiliate & Rewards

    Affiliate is a great platform to make money for all the services we provide. So we have a lot of ways for you to make money. Membership is mandatory in all our promotional marketing divisions. The main reason for this is that when we give a lot of money, gifts and other job vacancies through promotional marketing, we want it to be available to everyone in this family, including you. Therefore, once you have completed the registration, you will be provided with information about all the offers available to you. At the same time, all the support for it will come from our side. You can also choose a membership plan based on the reward points you have earned.

    Upgrade Plan

    You can make an online payment and upgrade from your dashboard to the next plan. You can upgrade from your dashboard when your chosen plan expires or you may have to switch to the next plan for other reasons. All the information from the start date to the end date of your plan is available on the dashboard.



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